Chakra Meditation: Learn to Balance and Heal your Chakras


Chakra Meditation is a significant practice which helps you to attain a peaceful state of mind by releasing stress from your body. It also bring energy and revitalizes your complete chakra system. This is a stupendous art which has been considered by millions of individuals, all around the world and they gained a comprehensive revival of their distinguished energies. These days we witness a tremendous pressure on everyone’s shoulder to accomplish various personal and professional targets. Every individual wishes to reach on a dignified position in almost no time and the various practices for fulfilling this desire became a big reason for hypertension. According to different studies it has been found that stress is the ultimate cause of every interpersonal complication.


There are certain diseases which are also caused due to anxiety and work pressure. Apart from hypertension, there have been several cases of increased heart beat rate, high blood pressure and loss of immunity due to work strain.

Industrial joints keep organizing various recreational and mind refreshing bustles to keep their employees psychologically fit to tackle different professional task. Chakra meditation healing and balancing techniques are regarded as one of the best practices to stay healthy and get rid of various emotional complications. Let’s have a look on some of most vital meditation techniques which could be followed by any beginner.


Regularity: How often should you meditate on your chakras?

Meditation on chakras for beginners might appear as a difficult hurdle nevertheless you ought to stay focus to keep trying it with a strict routine. The first rule to incept is to keep yourself disconnected from the entire world, for the period when you are going to perform it. The process could be difficult in the starting as you need to prepare yourself that this will make you emotionally stronger and you will evolve as a supreme winner. One must practice meditation twice daily for achieving great health benefits.


Know how to breathe

You require breathing very deep and slowly as it will help your body to lower down the heart rate. Keep your eyes closed and try not to think over anything which exists in your life and on this earth. The motive behind this move is to keep you completely separated from every liability and expectation. On a regular practice you will find that it helps in keeping your body light and relaxes your various muscles.


Stretch your body parts

It is always advised that you ought to stretch your body before starting meditation. It assists you in taking a better posture for sitting and you find a better rhythm to incept deep breathing.

Although there could several other ways for starting the process but an individual ought to be positive regarding this exercise. One could also attain some scintillating results if he performs this with his own will. Meditation ought not to come as an imposed decision and the person who doubts its credibility must try to follow it for a certain period of time frame.

Apart from getting used to it there are certain meditation tips which could be utilized by you for achieving some great results. Let’s have a look on some of the cardinal suggestions from various experts.


Keep your stomach empty

It has been found through various prolific studies that the best period for meditating is the one when you have an empty stomach. You tend to breathe much actively and there is no chance of sleeping while meditating. Nevertheless you ought not to force yourself for getting into meditation if you are feeling hungry and can’t remain without food for some time. A daily regular practice will surely help to follow this rule.


Smile while you balance your chakras

Positivity is considered as the best trait to accomplish any personal objective. Experts suggest that you ought to have a gentle smile on your face while meditating and balancing your chakras as it enhances your practice and you stay relaxed.


Use a candle

Making use of a candle is a conventional strategy for concentrating. You might apply this by placing a candle at your front and keep viewing its flame before closing your eyes. There have many experts who find this a terrific option to focus for the ones who are into a preliminary phase of meditating.


Count your breaths

For stop thinking regarding your liabilities and expectation, you ought to start counting on your breathe. The number of breathes you take in a specific time frame should decrease as you must try to take long breathes. This is only a minor tip for the beginners as you will not need to count, once you get consistent with your practice.

Apart from these mentioned tips, it is essential that you ought to enjoy this process without any burden. You posture should no bet annoying as it will act as an obstruction for focussing. Let’s have a look on several crucial benefits which one enjoys by his regular practice of meditation.


Chakra meditation increases immunity

It’s a scientifically proven fact that your body’s immunity to tackle various allergies and diseases increases to a significant extent by meditating. You find yourself in a much stable emotional state and start becoming proactive on various fronts which you previously disliked.


Balanced chakras increase fertility

The couples who fail to give birth to a child are advised to start meditating on their sacral chakras. Many people have enjoyed meticulous results by achieving a terrific increase in their fertility count.


Having healthy chakras increases flexibility

Yoga ans chakra meditation allows you to keep your body amazingly flexible and start taking health fitness seriously. The overall result gets reflected by your impeccably exuberant personality development.


Chakra Meditation Technique

Meditation provides a much-needed succor to the battered mind and soul.

This fact is known for centuries to ancient civilizations, like Hindu. However, the Western world has only just realized the potency of meditation as a means towards a healthy physical and meta-physical existence. Chakra Meditation, also referred to as chakra balancing or chakra healing, is one of the Meditation methods that is most popular the world over purely because of its simplicity and effectiveness in bringing about a change in anyones life.

The meditation whose basic aim is to align the movement of all the seven primary Chakras in the body is termed as Chakra Meditation. Our body consists of 7 primary and over 20,000 secondary Chakras.

For a better understanding of Chakra Meditation, its important to know what are the chakra colors and where are the primary Chakras in the body.


Chakra Colors and Location in Body

RED - The Root, or base Chakra

This Chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents the element of Earth. The Root Chakra is responsible for our health, security and prosperity.

ORANGE - Sacral Chakra

This energy center is governing your emotions and sexuality is located at the center of abdomen and related to the element Water.

YELLOW - Solar Plexus or Power Chakra

Yellow chakra is located just above the naval region and related to the element Fire. It governs our will power, autonomy, and metabolism.

GREEN or PINK - Heart Chakra

The center of love is situated right at the center of the chest. It is related to the Air element, which governs our feelings of love, compassion, and general relationships.
Throat Chakra governing your sense of creativity, resonance and communication skills is located at the base of the throat and related to the element Sound.

BLUE - Throat Chakra

The chakra of thruth and expression. Located in the thrat area and connectre with thymus gland.

INDIGO - The Third Eye Chakra

Brow Chakra is located between the eyebrows and represents the element Light. This Chakra controls perception, imagination and related functions.

VIOLET - Crown Chakra

Location of this chakra is located at the top of the head and related to the element thought. It governs consciousness, wisdom, and knowledge.

A concentrated mind working towards the achievement of synchronized movements of these seven Chakras in the body can truly bring incalculable rewards in ones life.

The body, mind, and soul would become stress-free and youll emerge as a better-informed human being who can easily see the spiritual side to every materialistic possession in this world. One can also achieve natural healing for bodily and mental ailments just by bringing the seven energy centers in consonance with each other.
The synchronization of chakras promotes self healing of all physical and mental ailments.


Chakra Meditation, essentially, involves three steps or techniques:

Grounding Technique. As is evident from its name, the Grounding Technique makes your body feel connected with the Earth. The application of this technique is pretty simple. Just visualize a root growing from your body and entering into the Earth. Easier it may sound, but requires intense concentration and mental awareness while performing the Grounding Technique.

Centering Technique refers to the process whereby, your body gets prepared to receive the benefits of Chakra Meditation.

The actual step involves taking 3-5 deep breaths. And visualization involves the assumption of feeling of relaxation of every body part from toe to head by tightening and relaxing each body part starting from toe, and moving in the northwards direction, till the head. The final act is the visualization of the act of centering a pot on a pottery wheel.
Relaxation method. The Relaxation method is the principal work in the entire Chakra Meditation procedure. Everybody has his or her own technique of entertainment. Just locate out your favored form of relaxing the body and attach to it.

Here is one of the most common methods of performing Chakra Meditation:

Sit or lie down in a relaxed situation.
Make sure your clothing is loose so that you are free of body tension and then shut your eyes.
Take relaxing breaths neither too fast nor too slow.

Just give up your control on the breath, and let it flow naturally.
Feel every part of your body from toe to the crown in that direction. Feel the earth you are lying on or the sofa you are seated on, feel the clothes you are wearing. Feel completely present with yourself and relaxed.

While you are doing this, you may feel emotions coming on. positive and negative. Let them flow through and out of you this is the release of your stress! With practice and time, these feelings will disappear.
Let you spirit roam in every part of your body.

This is the feeling of completeness youve been yearning for.
There is no particular time of charka meditation it can be performed at any time convenient to you. The duration should be as per your choice. The posture should be according to your choice and should be comfortable to you.

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